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Mission Statement

WikiVoucherCode was created to come to the assistance of UK Shoppers by providing a useful source of reference, whereby we are constantly harnessing the plethora of voucher codes & discount codes available online to help save you more money.

This together with providing a useful & convenient directory of reputable online shops, stores & services who specifically offer their products at competitive prices to the UK marketplace.

We like to also include interesting & unique shopping Websites you may not see on the High Street, yet have a good range of products.

Another purpose of the WikiVoucherCode Website is to be independent from any affiliate programs, we believe that the presentation, presence & positioning of retailers should not be given any priority or influenced based on the remuneration of commission. We take a stance that other non-voucher affiliates/publishers should not lose out on commission from sales resulting from the overriding of cookies.

We hope you enjoy your visit to WikiVoucherCode & look forward to your repeat visits to your valuable & indispensable first stop resource for a fast, easy & friendly way to find Voucher Codes/ Coupons & discounts.

Throughout the forthcoming years WikiVoucherCode already have plans for useful exciting features to implement which we trust will only serve as an increased benefit to your online shopping experience.

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Shopping online is the most convenient and popular option for many shoppers today, making it fun & relaxing from the comfort of your chair.

Wiki Voucher Codes, is a free service for you to search and explore amongst over 2000 online shops & stores for a plethora of voucher codes, discount codes, coupons, special offers & promotions we have harnessed especially for you, the consumer, to potentially make even more significant savings on your purchases.

These voucher and discount codes are usually consist of a series of numbers and letters which are inserted into the promotional box on the payment page of a retailers website.

The team at Wiki Voucher Code are continually searching for new codes & offers. If you come across any yourself, be part of the community and please feel welcome to email the details us, so that we may share these with the visitors to Wiki Voucher Code to benefit of more shoppers.

We trust you'll find Wiki Voucher Code, a pleasurable experience to use, as well as being of assistance to help find the savings you desire.If so please make sure you bookmark this site as one of your favourite places and feel welcome to recommend Wiki Voucher Code to your friends & family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc ...

We of course welcome any positive & constructive feedback you might have to offer in order to improe the features on this website. We always emphasis for you double check the retailer's T&C's, accuracy / validity of a voucher code or discount & dates prior to using as sometimes they do change or might be for specific products only or recalled. Not all retailers will have Voucher Codes and if they are nit listed on our website, then we recommend you ask the retailer directly, there is no harm is asking or even sign up to theri newsletter to receive theri regular updates. Good health & happiness to you.

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